THE ONLINE ORDERING PERIOD IS NOW CLOSED. If you didn’t get your tickets yet, you could still get them at the show Tuesday night, but CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AT THE DOOR. CASH OR CHECK ONLY.

Here’s the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Amy Worden and the Philadelphia Daily News’ John Baer talking about the upcoming Gridiron:

NOTE: Tickets ordered through PayPal as of Wednesday, Oct. 9 will not be mailed because of the short time frame. Please bring a printout of your PayPal receipt on Tuesday. Thanks!

Tickets to this year’s Gridiron show are now on sale!

The annual show is an off-the-record evening, where the state Capitol reporters poke fun at Harrisburg movers and shakers — and they poke back. In a town where partisanship can divide, the event is a chance for politicos of all stripes to come together to laugh at themselves and each other.

Doors will open at 5 p.m. with the show beginning at 7:30 p.m. in the State Museum of Pennsylvania. There will be a cash bar and appetizers.

The PLCA is offering online ticket sales. Using the button below, you can purchase tickets to the Oct. 15 event via Paypal. Tickets will be mailed beginning in September.

Single tickets to the off-the-record show are $85 each, or purchase 10 or more to receive a discounted rate of $80 per ticket. Prices will go up to $90 each on Oct. 9.

Proceeds from the Gridiron help fund our summer internship program.

Who is excited about this year’s Gridiron show? Gov. Tom Corbett, whose segment at last year’s show was a hit with the audience.